Monday, March 30, 2009

When are we leaving?

With another blizzard coming and along with it a possibility of 15 inches of snow, M is ready to get out.

I'm ready

She is packed and ready to go.


I'm ready too.


Scott S.

Back to Business

My ride home

We got the water thing fixed in the basement. Unfortunately, they are still battling it in Fargo/Moorhead. On top of everything they have had, now it's many inches of snow and wind on the way. Apparently the wind is more worrisome than the snow for the integrity of the dikes. Pray for them.

All put back together

We are waiting for a blizzard around these parts too. Last I heard it will be 15 inches, but it has fluctuated from 12-20 inches, so we'll see. It is supposed to start tonight.

With the coming blizzard I'm sure glad I finally got back out on the bike this weekend. A pleasant 26 miles on Saturday with Big D was followed by a solo, hilly, cold, and just make it home before dark, 42 miles on Sunday.

Hills done

Wife, M and I were at her Relies (that would be Relatives) for some family time on Sunday. I convinced myself it would be a good idea for Wife to drop me off about 40 miles from home and ride in.

Hills to go

I thought it would be a good idea, then I thought it wouldn't be a good idea, and then I thought I'll probably think that it was worth it after the ride and finally I decided to do it. I'm still trying to determine if it was worthwhile. In the end, I suppose it was, as I needed the miles. What I didn't need was under-dressing for the cold, the late start, and the hills.

Lots of slough land

With the snow coming it will be back to lots of clothes, the Niner, and studded tires on gravel roads for Wednesdays ride.

Till then,


Scott S.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We are about 100 miles from the anticipated flooding in the Fargo/Moorhead area. We are trying to remind ourselves that it could be much worse when we are dealing with this in our basement:

The chairs were used to prop up the carpet, not rest in.

I'm thinking I should see if Sears could sponsor us. It was a Craftsman that helped me on several occasions this winter and this has come in very useful this week:

Thanks again Sears

After all this, one of these sounds good. The only decision now is to decide which one.

This one,

Or this one?

Instead of riding tomorrow, I'll be dealing with our basement.

JRA(hopefully soon)

Scott S.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blue Mounds

We went down to Luverne this weekend to visit the In-Laws. I was able to drag the Crosshairs with and got in a nice ride. Went by Blue Mounds State Park and took some pictures.

At the Blue Mounds

The ride brought back memories of when we were living near Sioux Falls, SD; The springtime sweet smell of manure, the sour odor of pig farms, and miles and miles of plowed corn and bean fields. Good times.

I was told that you just have to look harder for the scenery in those parts, and it's true. It's pretty, but not "in your face" pretty like the lakes I ride around here. Although this was pretty good:

I waited for this to rise...

So I could see this:

This is part of the Blue Mounds State Park. The state park is named after a linear escarpment of Precambrian Sioux Quartzite bedrock, which although pink in color, is said to have appeared blueish in the distance to early settlers. Parts of the cliff are up to 100 feet (30 m) high (Wikipedia). It's worth a stop if you're ever in the area.

I came across this road out there and it was a no-brainer that I was going to take it. It was a good decision. When riding these roads I start to daydream that I'm riding Trans-Iowa or when I'm really short on blood to the brain, that I'm riding Paris-Roubaix.

Should I?

Oh Yeah...

The ride was a mix of gravel and paved. It was good to get out and I was able to try out my new to me Nightrider light. It worked pretty good.

I got a ride in today (Sunday, the ride above was yesterday) but no pictures. I was able to get on the road bike and ride with some friends. With the wind the 17 miles felt like 25. Still a long ways to go to get ready for Almanzo and be able to avoid DFL.


Scott S.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Yesterday

We signed M up for pre-school yesterday. She has spoken of little else since; it's "the teacher said...", "they have games and slides", etc, etc. Needless to say she is very excited.

Just running around(20 months)

My folks always talked about how fast time goes. When you're a teenager, you don't believe them. Now that I have a kid, I believe them. It seemed like just yesterday that she was in my arms.

The proud Dad

Now she's going to school. It's hard to believe she's old enough.


Scott S.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The water didn't freeze

Springtime in Minnesota can be very fleeting. We are having a taste of it now and everybody is trying to enjoy it. One week ago we were in a blizzard warning with 8 inches of snow and bitter cold. This week we are enjoying near 50 degree weather.

My last ride was during one of those spring days when you want to ride forever, except the legs don't agree. It was 50 degrees, sunny and the snow was melting. Although the wind was a little stiff. Guess which picture I was into the wind:

This one...

Or this one?

I got in about 25 miles on the Crosshairs. Did I say I love that bike. I was glad for the fenders riding through the puddles and the 35c tires ate up the potholes.

I rode the "tour of lakes." Obviously we have a lot of lakes and just about any ride could be classified this, but I like it because it includes most of the "chain." I tried to get pictures of the lakes I saw on the ride. My camera/photography skills don't do the lakes justice; they are beautiful all year round.

Lake Carlos

Lake Darling

Lake Victoria

Lake Louise(I think)

Lake Laura

Lake Le Homme Dieu

Lake Geneva

It's suppose to continue to be warm: 39 degrees tomorrow. We'll see if the legs have more than 25 miles in them.


Scott S.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sled Dogs

A belated post, sorry.

We spent last Sunday afternoon at a local sled dog race. Ever since I saw the finish of the Ididarod in Nome, I've liked watching the sled dogs. We don't have too many races around here and we thought it would be fun for M.

She seemed to enjoy it

Do you see them yet?

Here they come

Since then we received another 8 inches of snow and had a morning temp close to -20. You have to love Minnesota.


Scott S.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


March 7, 1998

Eleven years.

We've been married for eleven years, today. Not too bad. Not as long as some, but longer than others.

Alot has happened in eleven years:

5 cities and 2 states

Two post-grad degrees between us

BWCA trips

Bike trips

Residency training

New jobs

Deaths in the family

Births in the family

Divorces of friends

Marriages of friends and family


Making up


Another on the way!


I can't wait for the years ahead. If they are even half as good as what has come before, I'll have had a blessed life.


Scott S.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Reasons

I've been asked, and have asked myself, why I like to ride bike, try to ride long distances, and why do I even think about doing the things that I have on my "life list".

I don't yet have the definitive answer, but I see others answer it for themselves and most of it fits for me too. I hope these two quotes make you think about the things you want to do in your life but haven't. I hope you get out there soon, life is happening now.

The first is taken without permission(but given credit to) from Jill Homer:

"I don't want to ever become the kind of person who doesn't dare to fail and fail spectacularly. I don't ever want to be unwilling to approach the unknown. I don't ever want to live a life free of risk."

Check out her blog post for the rest of the story.

The other, again without permission is from Jay Petervary, an endurance cyclist from Wyoming. That is his coffee cup in the picture:

Click for a closer view

Those are some of the thoughts that resonate with me and why I get on my bike when it is near 0 degrees.


Scott S.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ho-Hum Ride

Nothing really of note from today's ride. It was nice to get out after my short, but violent bout with the stomach flu. Don't worry, I'll spare you the details.

I was on my Crosshairs today, man, I like that bike. The roads were OK. Went about 20 miles.

I found the smallest bike path just west of my place, it went for about 3 miles.

I have the call-duty this weekend so will likely be hitting the vomitron again.


Scott S.